High Accuracy RTK Positions with the LEA-6 using RTCM via NTRIP

I was just thinking...

Has anyone looking into real-time correcting the LEA-6 (or other DIY Drones GPS) using RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP).  I'm assuming you would just need to have a cellular modem (or phone) on the copter connected to the internet, receiving the RTCM data and passing it along to the GPS unit.  I checked the U-Blox website and it says the LEA-6 has an interface for the RTCM protocol (http://www.u-blox.com/images/downloads/Product_Docs/LEA-6N_ProductS...).  Many state's now offer a real-time GNSS network via NTRIP, some are free subscriptions while others are paid subscriptions.

I'm not a programmer so I'm unsure what it would require on that end to make it work.

Here is some example code I found for .NET (http://www.sharpgis.net/post/2005/01/21/Differential-GPS-using-RTCM...)

Any thoughts?


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EZSurv post-processing software allows to differentially correct the ublox data.



Depending on the distance of the base and the obstruction above the GPS antenna EZSurv delivers centimeter to submeter acuracy (post-processed).

If your antenna is not obstructed and the base is  near (within 15km) then you can expect centimeter accuracy from post-processing.

If you use a base located farther (eg. within 200km), then you can expect subfoot to submeter planimetric accuracy (post-processed).

Ublox + EZSurv post-processing is quite affordable for th etype of accuracy it delivers.

Good afternoon.

Must use the NTRIP network with ardupilot and GPS, but I am not knowing how to proceed. Someone would have something like the tutorial (step by step) of how to configure the same?

Must use arudupilot 2.6 and GPS uBlox LEA 6 H with NTRIP network, but I have no idea. What can I do?

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