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My name is Mamoon and I am a high school student down in Florida. I am in charge of my schools little unit of drones which we use for various school event (soccer games, pep rallies etc.) and until now we have been using a GoPro to get our video in conjunction with a low-res FPV camera to aim the shot. But next year our school want to get live feeds of these events onto screens around the school so that people can get food and things like that without actually missing the events. The problem is that our low resolution camera just doesn't cut it in terms of video fidelity on some of the larger screens we want to use and they look especially bad on projectors, but our transmitters that we currently have cant handle high resolution footage from the GoPro. Iv'e looked into some HD transmitters that are around like the DJI Lightwave, but being a public school, 4 figures isn't really something we can muster. I also found a transmitter called the Hides HV-310E which claims to transmit at 1080P at 24FPS, but at $350 I'd really rather not be ripped off. If theres any HD transmitters you guys are aware of that are in the sub $700 region, do let me know.

Link for the transmitter I was talking about:

HV-310E FPV FullHD Video Transmitter, HDMI/ CVBS to DVB-T modulator...


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Check my sample video (Hides HV-310):


The output power is only 1mW, so don't expect high range without amplifier.

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