Hobby King problems...

I've just received an order from Hobby King which they totally cocked up and was hoping for some advice. The main issue is that they have shipped a mode 1 transmitter, when I ordered mode 2 (Turnigy 5X). The transmitter seems to be switchable between modes but the sticks are still in mode 1 (don't spring back on RHS in the vertical axis.

Anyone know more about switching?

Dealing with Hobby King is just too painful to bother with - they started off blaming me for a defective order and when I provided them a transcript (I had a few questions at the time the order was placed) and order details they asked me to mail the whole thing to the warehouse at my expense. Given the package had been opened they would only refund 80 % of the purchase price - how are they still in business.

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  • Conversion is very simple.

    Lots of good videos on youtube:


    turnigy mode 1 mode 2 - YouTube
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    • Thanks Marius.

      I have the 5X and when I got inside, the guts were totally different to anything I could find on YouTube (or elsewhere). The gimbals don't appear to be accessible to change out the spring and pin.

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