• Hi Ronny,

    Thank you so much for your latest endurance data. You made my day!!! So happy that the bird still flies well, even though its 600 gram over the maximum take off weight. Was like you, extremely worry about it.

    Perhaps you never had the skin bubble up, because Sweden is more like a freezer in comparison to the Australian oven? lol

    Received yesterday afternoon 21 Kg of books and paper information from the CASA pilot shop, only to get current again and get up to date with the latest rules and regulations, no kidding. So its true, that here the paperwork is always much heavier then the aircraft one wants to fly. No wonder that Australia has the best safety record in the world. 

    Stupid question, but do you know how one can add you as a friend. Received 3 friends requests, but can't find how to send one myself?

    Thank you once again and look forward to catch up with you.

    Best Regards

    Dirk :-)

  • I just got mine!

    It´s a BIG model!

    The fuselage takes up all my building desk...

    Its not that heavy I think...All parts in the kit as it comes from HK is 3,3kg. Spinner was included in the kit but some other parts control horns, clevis, control rods, anti rotation pins. Awaiting answer from HK support...

    Spinner included.jpg

    Landing gear.jpg

    Nose comp.jpg
  • Just purchased my UAV-3000 from hobbyKing, Lucky me, got the second last in stock. Within a week all stock was gone. Stay posted and one will provide regular updates.

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