So I am new to drones and am turning to you guys for help. I currently live in a pretty typical two story home with neighbors about thirty feet away from my home on both sides. I have been looking into the idea of getting a drone for sort of a home security feature. I want a FPV style that I could use to check around the outside of the home if I heard a noise or something. I like the idea of being able to see what the drone is seeing and record in case it actually turned out to be something. I would want to be able to use it at night. I have seen aftermarket LED flashlights to attach around the drones camera but have not seen if it actually brightens it up enough so you can see through the camera when it's dark outside. I like the amount of accessories available and popularity of the parrot AR but have also looked at the Hubsan mini quad. I don't need anything to fancy but I don't want to waste my money. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Both The Hubsan and AR are Ok! There more money you spend the better quality and features you will get. The flash light might not be that helpful especially if you have intruder. They can avoid it. You might want to get infrared camera  but that's additional cost. if your neighbourhood is well lit you might be able to get away with a normal camera!

Something with a good autopilot (I like Pixhawk, but haven't used much else) would let you program a path around your house to fly and would probably scare the bejeebers out of ne'erdowells.  

You won't be able to see anything at night with something like a Hubsan.  You also won't be able to record at night with a GoPro, unless you put a pretty nice flashlight on board.  You could just put the front inch of a Fenix PD32 or something on there and run it off the main battery for the copter.  

For drones with FPV cameras, you can generally swap out the lens on front to something with a low F-stop, like this:

You would probably see fine at night with a decent camera with that on it.  I see fairly well with my 2.8? lens.  

So, yes, you could do a really nice setup for $1000 or more with a 3DR Isis+ plus the GoPro.

A much better idea is to use $1200 to buy a really good Full HD video surveylance system with 4 to 6 cameras.  You would be able to look around the house a ton more quickly.  Don't mess with systems that record  and show you anything less than 1080p fullHD video.  

You could make a nice Rover, but someone might grab it or step on it.  

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