Houston We have a problem




First of all Im not sure if I have a hardware or software problem so dont shoot me if this is in the wrong place.


Second, I'll post a high level description of my problem to see if anyone says 'hey bozo do this'. Of course my name is not bozo but for some reason I sometimes get called that.


I have built my quadcopter over the last 6 months and am ready to take to the skies. Everything looks great, the motors respond beautifully and seemingly in the right order etc. So I put on the props and suddenly we have a problem. One motor starts up (spins) but the others dont. they just twitch like road kill thats not quite dead yet.


If i pull back on the throttle and then push forward again the same prop starts and maybe (maybe not) another prop will start but usually it just does the same thing. Same motor always starts others dont.


Without the props on - no problem. Put the props on and .... no go.


My local hobby shop advised reprogramming the ESCs. I did this with interesting results

three of the four ESCs programmed as expected. The fourth would not change its program. The fourth is also the only motor that starts with a prop on it.


Any perls of wisdom or do you need more info ?




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