I am newbie on ardupilot and ı want to get gps locations with mavlink first ı download arducopter library  from https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot and upload ardupilot with arduion IDE there a lot of ino files in arducopter sketch and now ı want to add some function but which ino files there is arducopter ino I think this is main class. And there is mavlink ino file and there are a lot of functions. but how can ı use that functions to get coordinates and one more think ı just want to send these coordinates to another arduino with xbee

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Hello, i am currently working on the exact same problem by implementing a mavlink protocol which contains mavlink messgaes that could encode and decode commands that could be sent to the apm board via the arduino board. refer to 


Hello can you explaing bit more?

Hey! Did any of you guys get it going? I am working on the same problem

Did you get it working? I am working on the same problem

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