How can I read PWM from a receiver?

Hi all

I want to read the PWM signals from a 6 channel receiver and then let the read PWM go to the ESC and to the servos without modification 

Simply I want to control my airplane with a remote control through Arduino In preparation to build my UAV

I am using arduino duemilanove

Please help me 

Thank you all

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  • Try the following code:


  • Probably easier to ditch the duemilanove and use an ardupilot. It has the PPM module - which is a co-processor that turns the 6 pwm signals into a PPM stream, which the main processor examines.

    The main advantage to you is that the PPM module is mature and works well, and there is already code that you can leverage in the APM codebase to examin this signal and repeat it on the output pins.

    Probably there are plenty of cheap APM1 1280 versions the people will sell to you.

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