Hallo i'm just new here but i want to start my own UAV but i dont know what process. steps, and necessary requirements i should go through to make one. Piz any body who can give the details.

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I am also new at this. i spent a lot of time getting to know ppl on here and trying to decide my budget and then what i wanted to do. I am thinking of posting on youtube videos of progress.  Research is your best friend! ppl on here are very helpful

Do you have an resources for someone to learn the aerodynamic theory involved with RC stuff. 

I am very interested in producing a delta or flying wing.

In terms of Pilot Skills -- 

If I am interested in nothing but autonomous flight, how much actual RC flight time should I need? What kits can I buy to get this experience...

My feeling is you need to be somewhat familiar with RC flight before adding the autonomous capabilities; the main reason is that you need to be able to fly the craft if the autopilot fails at any point. While it would be nice to not have to do that, we all know that electronics tend to break when we are depending on them most (aka Murphy's Law).

Learn RC first...

unless you buy an already scienced out plane.. your attemps at autonomous flight will be failures... ie. crashes.... if you fly RC, you can flip off the SAS and fly it RC to make a save

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