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Mike Stroup replied to Steven Gray's discussion high volt . large capacity, Hi C rated Lithium battery packs
"In USA, Thunder Power in Las Vegas... they have 4.45 v lipo cells in huge capacities... custom configurations"
Jul 6, 2022
Mike Stroup replied to Mike Stroup's discussion Forgive my ignorance...Looking for a telemetry system
"ummmm... anyone????.....  Bueler...... Bueler?????"
Sep 2, 2015
Mike Stroup posted a discussion
Good day yuh'all....I have been into RC for 40 years!! But the FPV gig is new to me!I am hoping the vast experience here can suggest some telemetry hardware for me??I would like to have a system to record and telemeter the following parameters, time…
Aug 27, 2015
Mike Stroup commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Tandem Heli flies autonomously with Pixhawk
Jun 24, 2015
Mike Stroup replied to Mark Bradford's discussion Vibration Isolation and Analysis
"Hard to do without instrumentation!

One could get dampers of differing durometer and see which one yields the most solid image?
Prop/Rotor balancing is obviously important"
Nov 13, 2012
Mike Stroup commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A newbie's guide to UAVs
"Prolly this info is pasted about throughout the forum.... but could someone please summarize a goor robust FPV system?

with links?
thanks again!!!"
Nov 12, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to eric's discussion Flying wing, will it fly?
"never make a flying wing unless there is a compelling reason that excludes a conventional layout...
the efficiency loss isn't worth it if you are concerned with endurance..."
Nov 11, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to Michael Maglione's discussion Airframe Arms
"bigger =  better damping"
Nov 11, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to SHAFIK KANTANYI's discussion HOW CAN I START MAKING A UAV
"Learn RC first...

unless you buy an already scienced out plane.. your attemps at autonomous flight will be failures... ie. crashes.... if you fly RC, you can flip off the SAS and fly it RC to make a save"
Nov 11, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to Ben's discussion Best Foamboard designs?
"imho, just because it is a drone doesn't mean it should be FUGLY!!"
Nov 11, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to Jean's discussion Building a tailsitter, using differential thrust for yaw and pitch. Where should I position the CG relative to the CP, and can I do this without conventional flight control surfaces?
"if the wing creates lift, it will pitch... the  problem with using the motors for pitch control is that modulating power can adversely affect pitch... takes a good system to keep power (Speed) and pitch independant... and in the case of a power…"
Nov 11, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to Graham Dyer's discussion OD twin boom pusher plane - neutrally unstable?
"I would see if the airframe is deflecting under load.
the tail looks small.. did you do a Tail Volume Coeeficient verification?

Increasing throttle increases the airflow over the tail.. so I am not s'prised there is a throttle-pitch couple'ing…"
Nov 11, 2012
Mike Stroup replied to Chris Kevorkian's discussion UAV industry jobs
"Good Day.

I am a manager with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. http://www.ga-asi.com/
I am in search of 3 to 5 Aero/Mech engineers.
My ideal candidate is passionate about airplanes!
5 to 30 years experiance. Aircraft design and synthesis…"
Nov 6, 2012