How do i increase my YAW speed?  No matter how i try increase the throws or put a longer servo arms it is still slow.

I want to be able to have the same yaw speed like my multiwii just in this video @ 1:04

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On 3.0.1 Stable, the yaw speed is controlled by Acro_Rate_P, which also controls the angular rate of the roll and pitch rates.

On 3.1 (in RC status right now) the rates have been broken out, Acro_RP_P is for Roll and Pitch only, and then Acro_Yaw_P is Yaw only.

The way these work is basically 4500/100*P = Angular Rate in deg/sec.  So the standard P of 4.5, gives you 202.5 deg/sec.

thank you! i'm gonna give it a try tomorrow.

Thats Rob - this actually helped me a lot. The Ov3rquad frame was a bit tank like and upping this to 8 makes it much more nible.

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