Moreno Valley, CA

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i do fpv on a tricopter. i like waypoints feature on the apm.

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nEiLz RC posted a discussion
How do i increase my YAW speed?  No matter how i try increase the throws or put a longer servo arms it is still slow.I want to be able to have the same yaw speed like my multiwii just in this video @…
Nov 19, 2013
nEiLz RC posted a discussion
since i don't have a current/volt sensor yet. i wanna know what will be the value of the resistor of the voltage divider for the A1 port of the APM 2.5tnx!
Jun 27, 2013
nEiLz RC replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD
"will this Main Voltage mod work with apm 2.5 or its just for multiwii?
Jun 23, 2013