How do I start programming Pixhawk & Intel Edison?

Hi everyone,

My graduation project is to program a software to detect obstacles and avoid them, on an autonomous drone, controlled by Pixhawk connected to an Intel Edison processor.

On our team we got an IRIS drone, Pixhawk and an Intel Edison processor, and in order to detect the obstacles we purchased a Lidar-Lite v2 distance sensor (only one by now, we'll get a few more later on).

Anyway, i've been reading material about drones, DroneKit Python, ArduPilot, APM, MavLink and others and just got totally confused on how am I suppose to get this done :|

As far as I know, I need to load the program to the Intel Edison processor (that as far as I read needs to work with ubilinux on it).

But, I'm totally lost regarding to - which platform should I work on? Linux/Windows? which is better? What's the difference between DroneKit Python/ArduPilot/APM, In which programming language I should use, am I suppose to write this program as a script or rather as code that I need to upload to the Edison processor? and basically just where do I start from...

I appreciate any kind of help and explanation because I read so much and still feel totally lost :(

Thanks in advance,


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  • Did you get anywhere with this project? Would be good to see what you found & how you did it. (I know it was a while ago!)

  • Stick to the site,  start at

    Linux is what most developers use, and clearly the best/easiest way to go.

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