Hi All,  i have built and run a quad for some time,  using mission planner and APM2.5,  i am already looking at building a hex,  and a plane that will both use APM 2.6.

my question is,   is it possible to run all three through the one mission planner ?  obviously not at the same time ;-)    (oh dear now there's a thought),  and how would this work in practice?   has anybody done this ?

sorry for such a basic question, i just have not seen this come up on the forum


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    You can run as many APMs as you want through the MP software. Each one when connected via USB will get its own COM port. And when you save your parameter files you need to give them nameS that match your copter. For me it's Quadcopter COM5, BoxCopter COM9, Telemetry COM6, Y6 Copter (PX4/IO), COM14.
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