• I nearly had this issue until I signed up to SUAS Global website. Their forums are great and I got some excellent advice and help from experts in this area which led me to complete my project.

  • I posted that wild question because I'm about to start an UAV project and doesn't know what is the complexity and effort involved. I want to know the reasons from people who fail to complete their project why they are giving up. Is it taking longer time than expected? Is it because there is no documentation? Is it because you realize you need degrees in different fields to finish your project? etc....

    In the question, "fail to complete" means you didn't finish your project within your set time frame.
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    No work of art is ever complete.
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    The problem with such a open ended question is that, in all likelyhood, the persons who don't intend on completing the project, are also the ones not returning to this site.

    Sorta like asking "Who isn't here today?, raise your hand!"
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    Maybe it is too early in the UAV/UGV hobby realm to accurately determine when a project fails to be completed.

    Some people, like myself, get interferred with by their wives in their attempt to complete their project.

    Right now I have finally completed a list of "other" projects and can now finally get back to my UAV project (EZ*/Twin*II/Arupilot) which, temporarily, looked like it would not be completed.

    Just a thought.

  • Now that was an unfair question.
  • Ouch,

    I have pretty much finished building my UAV project that I started last summer (to build a folding portable UAV), but I've only flown it a few times. I discovered several severe flight behavior problems, like no roll stability at all, tip stalling, and tuck-under syndrome. I've been in a dilemma as to whether I should keep fixing and improving it (something breaks every time I fly it), or to pursue my research grant UAV proposal, for which the final report is due the end of this year. I've leaned toward the later, thus continuing the sad and vicious cycle of project undone-ness.

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