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    Sorry, I'm on board with what Jordan said. It's a little frightening that you don't have experience with any aspect of this project, and you're planning to begin with a large scale aircraft.
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    Hmmm... needs to float... Are you firing up an island delivery firm? I could swear that there have been full-scale conversions posted here. I recall someone adding Ardupilot, but pilot still in control. That still doesn't address your long range telemetry and control though.

  • I think you might have been a bit hasty posting this request for a complete build without doing some research yourself

  • A place to start.......

  • Can you tell more about your project ? It looks like you're serious about it and don't consider it a simple theoretical exercise ?

    It's clear that doing something like this in any country is as illegal as can be. An aircraft this size will trigger alerts on all radars along its way and in many countries it will be considered as a terrorist drone carrying a bomb and will be downed probably with massive media coverage.

    I would be interested to understand the objective and the country, what's the payload, is it for civil, humanitarian, military or other purposes, I hope it's not drug smuggling :) ?

    Aside from the legal issues, you probably underestimate the complexity, especially if you don't have experience with rc sized autonomous planes or with full size planes. The learning curve is steep and goes through several crashes.

    I don't want to discourage you and maybe your objective is a very good one, but at this moment it looks completely surrealist. Maybe are you a journalist or writer trying to put a figure on how a terrorist could plot a remote bombing ? Just joking...

  • You are looking into definitely a gas powered machine, highly illegal by FAA BTW..

  • my suggestion, if it's really necessary to carry 40kg payload, you have only few VTOL options left, most are military grade, expensive and max calculated range around 600km at 100km/h cruise speed. And obviously this is only theory. So look here :

    Or coaxial experiment here

    Generally you will achieve better price/value ratio with fixed-wing drone such as Arcturus etc.

  • It's not the usual type of drone found in this forum, for this type of performance it will take something looking like a full size aircraft. Probably a fixed wing aircraft with wingspan of 8 meter and gas engine.

    I don't think an electric propulsion would be currently possible for that range, nor a quadcopter type.

    Have a look at light aircrafts like this one which can easily reach 1000 km, knowing that you'll need something smaller and cheaper. 

    Or a better example would be this one : it's a one-seater with a range of 278 km (with 19 liters of fuel). If you replace the pilot (100 kg) with fuel and the payload, you'll get 278 + 278 * ((100-40) / 19) = 1155 km. The price is around $45.000, of course an autonomous version would be more expensive.

    But this is just thinking out loud to give an idea of the size and price, in practice the main barrier will be legal, I think you'll need a lot of authorizations and certifications to build or fly something like this.

    The best is to check with large drones manufacturers.

  • 100KM

    hft seeker,    You are trying to build a pretty substantial aircraft.

    1000 km = 621 miles

    40 kg = 88 lbs

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    Should be fairly simple, HobbyKing has some real bug moders and air screws start there.

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