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if anyone wants to keep in touch ,feel free to pm


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  • I have no idea of the final price and operating cost at this time, get in touch with them.

    By the way, where are you located? I have some difficulties in following you.

    Either my internet connection is poor, or you're now on the move?

    Or over/near water? Sometimes water is causing small communications issues.

    Target locked, now it is OK.

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    No probs, where are you then? We get all over the place. If you are "not comfortable with an exact location" then how about a country for a start?
  • I must say that this discussion about "low budget" half a meter section flying cube for one thousand kilometers range@40kg payload is fun, at least technically, but as cost efficiency also (if that's not a rocket, but that's a very very different story!!!).  If you really look for an "unmanned" goods transport capability/activity/business, able to serve two remote locations/islands, over water, something that can be feasible, it's not going quite on "low budget" or for sure not 40-50K, from whatsoever today's technology and cost point of view. Maybe something like Flyox I aircraft. Good luck - or change the facts.

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    Where are you located? Just in case I can pop round to help. I have a few colleagues who would be very interested in your project.
  • Such an airframe from a starving ultralight manufacturer might cost in the order of $40,000 - but the automated avionics would be up to you.

    For a UAV manufacturer, there are alot more expenses that would be amortised over the small number of aircraft sold.  When R&D, development, certification, paperwork (which would exceed the weight of the airframe), and keeping the company afloat between sales, are considered, I would not even hazard a guess. They don't depend on selling just airframes. They depend on selling the whole package, including the ground station, communications, training, manuals, and spares. The cost also depends upon the customer - how much trouble they are going to be to take on a successful product.

    If you come over as blunt, dismissive, and secretive, as you have here, you might not get an answer at all.

  • hft, do you have a specific size of the 40kg payload (volume/dimensions...)

    40kg of lead can be quite small, 40 kg featherless may fit on same size only ...compressed, lol

  • For a heavy lifter and good endurance...

    Check out "Bearospace" on Youtube.

    Get their plans and roll your own.

  • Thankfully condescending tones dont travel well on the internet.

  • OP has specified VTOL, so all winged (hard or soft) craft are out.
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