How to confirm the Rudder response? Normal or Reverse?

Hi guys i am trying to find a way to check the rudder response when in the stabalize mode meaning is it normal or reverse. Is it right to check that after doing rudder - aleron mix the movements of Aleron moving right should reflect the rudder to left in stabalize or auto modes? thats how i have set it up right now.

I am having some problem. When switching from stabalize ( flying level and straight) to FBWB mode the plane stabalize horizontally but start to yaw right so i have to do 10 to 20 clicks trim to fly it straight.


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  • Hi Zubair,

            you could check it by moving your aileron's stick on your TX while in FBWA mode(with the plane leveled) and see if the appropiate mixing to the rudder is being applied for a coordinated turn, i.e: stick to the right moves ailerons to turn right and rudder to yaw right too.

    Take a look at FLY BY WIRE_A (FBWA) in .

    Good flight!

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