Just recently I bought RFD900 telemetry as ground and my existing 3DR 915 telemetry as onboard telemetry. try to connect but couldn't. Anyone has done it before? Pls help thank you. 

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Did you properly set NET ID, frequencies etc.?

Marcin Krawczyk No I didn't. How do I know the net ID of the 915 telemetry?


The default ID is 25.

Who did you buy the RFD900 telemetry radio from?

If you got it from JDrones, the TX and RX are backwards from the 3DR telemetry radios.



Thomas J Coyle III Ok thanks. I bought the RFD900 from goodbuylucky Im not sure if it is backwards but it came along with two big antennas so I supposed its must be for ground use. 

Connect air radio to PC via FTDI/UART cable and read config.

So now im stuck the red light not blinking. Tried to force boot by short circuit pad 1 & 2 as in this manual http://rfdesign.com.au/downloads/Software%20manual.pdf but not successful. 

Managed somehow reboot by uploading the version 1.6  firmware usingRFD900 modem tools 

This modem is the new 900+

Firmware for these can be found here -> http://files.rfdesign.com.au

I recommend loading the RFDSiK V1.9 rfd900p.ihx onto these modems.

Your non RFD modems should also connect if all the settings are the same.

The manual also goes into what settings need to be the same for a successful link.

To get into bootloader mode you need to short the pins and while still shorted apply power.

Shorting the pins when the unit is powered on has no effect.

Thanks Luke but I already managed reboot. Now my problem is to connect with 915 air telemetry. Pls help thanks.

Try the version 1.9 as per the post above


I am having the same issue. Did you ever manage to figure out how to connect them?

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