How to determine mission duration from log file?

I have created simple mission to climb to 300m and go back.

ACM achieved mission well, but now I want to analyze this mission because i need to determine climb rate achieved and also the time it needed to reach 300 meters. Can somebode tell me how to read it out from the log?

I attached also the log. Climbing started from point 3107 and finished at 5924.

2013-08-18 15-15 1.log

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  • Great! :)

  • I believe you can get this from the GPS : time info from your logs.

    if you take your start and stop times and divide them by 60000 (since the time is in ms) you should your time in min.

    for example, total flight time:  ( 44193800 - 4370220 ) / 60000 = 8.19 mins

    the points you gave will give you  (43849400-43778600)/60000 = 1.18 min


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