How to diagnose ESC failure

I'm currently rebuilding my 3DR hexa after a nasty crash a few weeks back, and I have one ESC (3DR 20amp) that won't turn on. When plugged into the lipo, it won't beep and I can't get the motor to respond. Replacing it with another ESC fixes the problem. 

I stripped back the heatshrink on the ends, and the connections to the lipo and to the motor all look good (I had suspected that the crash might have pulled a connection loose). Is there anything else I can check, or is it time to order a new ESC? Is it common for ESCs to fail somewhat regularly?


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  • Hi 

    I had a similar issue with a Multiplex controler:

    When powered it just beep and was not powering the motor. It was following a disconnection of the battery while in setup mode, setup was not complete.

    To "Reset" it I had to power the ESC with a 2S lipo battery instead of the 3S lipo battery. And it worked fine after that.

    Maybe you can try, this wont arm anything to apply lower voltage on the ESC.

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