How to find Accel X.Y.Z in Logs

I am using MP 1.2.95.

I have used the logs to view  IMU data to see vibration in the Accell X,Y,Z befoe but now I do not see it anymore.

I will post a pic of my log. I circled the new column in yellow and the PM in Red.

I have the PM selected and I see it in the drop down.  But I no longer see the IMU in the boxes to check to see the Accell X,Y,Z data.

I noticed that there is a new column off to the right where the Accel can be checked in the IMU line.  But Even though I checked it I see do you see the data.   Do these need to be checked before a flight?

If there is somewhere I can go to read up more on this I would appreciate a link to that page.

Thank you.

screen shot of pm and new pull down menu 2-15-14.jpg

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  • Developer

    please post your log, as it will make seeing the issue easier.

    • Hi Michael 

      I was having the same problem

      googled around and found this fantastic information

      • Go to the Mission Planner’s Terminal screen
      • Press “Connect APM” or “Connect PX”
      • type logs
      • enable or disable one of the possible messages types by typing enable or disable followed by the message type. I.e enable IMU

        given the importance of measuring accel data would you consider  "enable accel"   as a default 


    • Michael,

      Sorry, I should have done that.  My RLOG is attached. 

      Also, I had "PM" enabled in the CLI. but not "IMU", because I thought the IMU data was reported if the "PM" was enabled.  (It seems like it used to be this way?)

      Do I need to enable "IMU" as well as "PM" to get the accel X,Y<Z?

      2014-02-15 14-37-17.rlog

      • Michael,

        Sorry my mistake. I enabled the IMU in the CLI and the Accel X,Y.Z are there.   A copy of the vibration values are in a screen shot attached.  I think they are OK but honestly I cannot find a list of what is "good", "OK" or "bad".

        Thank for a great product!


        2-16-14 in shop 9.669 min in to flight maybe.jpg

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