Hello Everyone,

i am trying to get Telemetry to work on Port RXD2 / TXD2  - (Atmega Pin 12 / 13) for Telemetry and Mavlink instead of RXD0/TXD0.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, i can not use the default telemetry port and really need to use Pin 12/13 respectively it's connected RXD2 / TXD2.

Is this possible by setting some variables using the mission planner or do i need to recompile the code ?

I downloaded the version 3.2.1 from GIT and installed the Arduino special IDE, but now i can't get it to compile - neither do i have an idea what i would need to change in the code and now i am a bit lost.

Can you let me know if recompiling is required afterall or can this be fixed another way ?

Help on this would be highly appreciated.



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