How to reset Xtreambee?

I had a crash today and the xbee came off the board and then I mistakenly plunged it back into the board in revers so the power pins were feeding the two signal wires. Now it wont communicate with the the gcs xbee. I swapped over the Xbee 900 to another xtreambee adapter and its working fine. So its now obvious there is a problem with the xtreambee. I'm still getting leds lighting up( the red the blue and the far left orange are solid) so it cant be totally destroyed. How can I try to reset this . I used the FTDI cable and X-CTU to try rest it,and although the FTDI comes up with a port number , the X-CTU wont detect the board and comes up with error, cant open com port. How can i try to rest the board and load firmware tot he adapter board and see if this will fix it?

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  • Anyone able to help on this?

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Aug 25