A trivial question maybe, but I have found no obvious answer: When I have completed a waypoint flight, how do I fly it again? When I switch to Auto mode a 2nd time, my plane will just circle around home. I want it to fly the waypoint path again.


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OK I found a "Restart Mission" button in APM Mission Planner :)

Can the same effect be had using the RC only?



I simply switch it all off after landing and start again.
Or am I misunderstanding your question?


Well I wanted to do it in flight...



This is something I find mildly annoying, (maybe a bit more than mildly) especially while testing and tuning. Scenario: I want to repeat a mission with new parameters to see the difference and I CANNOT get the mission to repeat in the air with just my Tx. WHY is it like this?

Sure there's Restart Mission in the planner but that means fiddling around with different screens and buttons. It can be stressful enough sometimes taking your eyes off the plane but now to spend time having to fiddle with the computer.

Another way around this issue is to put in a DO_JUMP command last and set it to jump to waypoint 1 and repeat how many times but why do we have to have a "way around" this?

Surely this is more simple and logical:


If the mission is complete and is in RTL, switch out of and back into Auto - then mission will restart.

If the mission is not complete, switch out of and back into Auto - then resume mission.


I think this is what u look for: 

Reset Mission Channel (ArduPlane:RST_MISSION_CH)

RC channel to use to reset the mission to the first waypoint. When this channel goes above 1750 the mission is reset. Set RST_MISSION_CH to 0 to disable.

Don't think that's quite it, but you can use it, it uses an extra channel though.

I am a newbie, but this worked for me last weekend - when the mission ends and the copter is loitering at the last waypoint, I switch to "stabilize" mode then back to "Auto" mode, and it repeats the mission.

It's not supposed to, unless it's different for 'copters, do you have a tlog of that flight?

I'll try it out with my quad but it doesn't reset with ArduPlane.

I've been playing with the HIL simulation, the only way I can see to RESTART a mission in ArduPlane is to click 'Restart Mission' in the Flight Data | Actions tab of the Mission Planner OR to reboot the APM.

For me, I switch from stable to auto. The auto mission completes. I switch back to stable mode. If I want to, I can go right back into auto mode and it will restart the mission.

Every time I did that, it has just gone right back to the final RTL part of the mission. I must have been doing something wrong? I also can't find the place in the source code where it is implemented..



In the Flightgear HIL simulation:

ArduCopter restarts the mission when toggling Auto (irrespective of whether the mission is finished or not),

ArduPlane does not restart the mission when toggling Auto (Only a reboot or click in MP will do it)

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