How to save treed APM from the rain?

Well I just lost my plane and new APM into a tree.  I can figure out a way to get it down eventually I'm sure.  However, the canopy is open and I'm wondering if I can save it from shorting in the rain.  Can I just run down the battery?

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  • A friend's APM1 didn't work anymore behind a rain last year, a month later he try again and works perfect, now is flying with it.

    My first plane stays at 25 mts at a tree during four days, i try everything and finally the wind brings me down. Here photos and ideas

  • As I am about to start my build of a Fashionista with an APM and flexible solar panels, this article brought up a thought in my head. Some of our circuitry comes with a marine-based coating directly on the circuit board. Not very thick and still transparent. I was considering coating the APM but I wonder if it would be a good idea to disassemble the ESC and coat the board as well. Has anyone gone to this level for protection? In Colorado the humidity isn't an issue, but looking to folks who have dealt with this moisture problem before. Would it also be good to consider protecting the APM power management board as shorting out and sending the full battery voltage down the line and into the APM would probably be a bad thing. Thoughts?
  • A friend of mine sent his to the bottom of a small pond, which was sweet water. 

    The lipo was toast, except from that I think all was good.

    I would put the electronics in a jar of rice for a day or two though, and stir it sometimes. That should clear out any remaining moisture.



  • Mine was in a tree for 11 wet weeks once, and it still worked when we got it shot down.
    • 2 weeks on a mountain with afew days of rain before it was found

      gopro case was full of water , esc's, apm , everything really was wet!

      disassembled it all and cleaned and i only really lost 2 battery's that got taco'd

      a dip in the drink might be a different story though!

  • MR60


    This is what you have to do:

    Arducopter Flyaway and Search & Rescue:

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    Fresh water is really not that bad for electronics since 100% pure water does not conduct.

    As long as you do not run the motor, there is no high current potential that can damage the system and it will most likely be just fine. If anything goes, it will be the ESC since that is connected to the battery.

    Just unplug power as soon as you get a hold of it, and make sure everything is cleaned and completely dried up before you test it again.

    • Thanks.  I will try not to stress about it.  I called a local tree service to see if they could help me get it down.  Looks like my luck may have changed as the guy I spoke to lives near me and is an RC hobbyist.  I should have it down before the end of the day.

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