I am interested to send some high-level control commands to pixhawk using MAVLink, indoors. So, I have a motion capture system setup which gives accurate XYZ and orientation. I would like to tell pixhawk this information in order to use it onboard instead of e.g. GPS. How can I do that?

I think there is a way to do it by sending a MAVLink message to tell Pixhawk use these position/orientation data, but have not figured that out yet!

I appreciate any help.


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  • Hi Mohamed, I am a student and building a quadcopter which I want to fly indoor. I have the same problem as you mentioned. Could you please tell me the procedure how did you solve it using the PX4 firmware 

  • PX4 Firmware solved the problem. It already supports vision/MOCAP.

    PX4 Autopilot Software. Contribute to PX4/Firmware development by creating an account on GitHub.
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