How to set up Remote Control with APM 2.5


I am new to this process and am having a hard time setting up a remote control (Spektrum DX6i) with the APM 2.5. I purchased a 3DR radio in hopes that this would act as a receiver for the remote control.

How do I go about setting up the remote control? Do I need to have the APM powered via battery or can it just be bus powered?

Can I use the 3DR radio as receiver or is there an onboard APM receiver. Anything helps thanks!

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  • Anyone know wat to reverse on a transmitter for flying a Y6?
  • I think you are confused - I know I was when first starting out.

    The 3DRadio is a telemetry link between the APM and your laptop.  It has nothing to do with the basic flight controls.

    If you bought the Spektrum new, then there is a receiver in the box.  (My Spektrum came with an AR8000 receiver).  If you bought the Spektrum used, then you may have to buy a receiver separately.

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    Hello Cyril,

    Welcome to the adventure! First let's clarify something, are you trying to get basic radio control functions established, I.E. Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder? Or are you trying to get the APM 'talking' to the Mission planner via the 3DR radios?

    As to your second question, the APM 2.5 is typically powered by your ESC/BEC connected to OUT3 on the OUT servo rail. This will power your APM, R/C receiver, servos, and things you connect to the APM such as a GPS receiver. Make sure that the ESC/BEC has a rated output sufficient for your load.

    Hope this helps!



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