I'm trying to setup my Turnigy 9x to trigger failsafe on arducopter, but I noticed that when I turn off the radio, the signal of the throttle stays the same as it was before turning it off, instead of dropping to 0.

I found this page on the ardupilot wiki http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APM2xFailsafe , but cannot find a way to set it up for the Turnigy tx.

Any page that explains that, and couldn't find my way around that menu.



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    • This discussion is for Arducopter (APM) not Naza. I don't use Naza so I don't know how their failsafe works.

  • Stock Turnigy 9X with the stock 9X8Cv2 receiver has got a configurable failsafe for signal loss. 

    -Set the transmitter to PPM in SYSTEM SETTINGS->MODEUAT/MODULATION->PPM 

    -Set FUNC SETTING->E.POINT->THROTTLE to 120%/120% (This changes the maximum throw up&down. protip: move throttle stick to change value for up/down...)

    -Set FUNC SETTING->SUBTRIM->THROTTLE to -120 (sets the midpoint lower, so that the failsafe value goes to less than 1000

    -Set FUNC SETTING->FAIL SAF->THR->F/S 000% (This sets the failsafe (tranmitter off) value to 0%, which goes -to <1000 since we changed the midpoint/endpoints.

    -Adjust your throttle trim and APM/multiwii/etc. failsafe thresholds so that the failsafe signal value is lower & failsafe is correctly activated in your autopilot. Poke, Test, poke and test. Don't rely on the default values!

    Note: My Turnigy transmitter&receiver are a few years old from Hobby King. Your results may vary. Tested on [SYSTEM SETTINGS->TYPE SELECT->ACRO] model type. Not sure if everything are the same for GLIDE&HELI. Also the Turnigy is a cheap-ass system, consider something better for anything valuable&dangerous. :)

    Some pics of menus: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/9qmdbg1m1fqkmvy/PNpV77VN0n 

    Turnigy9Xfailsafe (1) (6 photos)
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    • @Pekka Ahola

      If the Turnigy 9X transmitter has been flashed with OpenTX will this still work (no failsafe menu AFAIK) ?

      Also, do you set the RX failsafe by re-binding it when you have set the extended throttle end point and down trim in your instructions above ??



      • I think I have this sorted on the APM 2.6.
        The 9X8Cv2 receivers (I tested three) cut OFF the ppm servo signal on channel 3 (and others but not all).

        Later APM ppm encoders detect that as a fail and set the throttle output to 900uS (as seen in Mission Planner), and that does trigger a RX failsafe.

        Ground tested this on an APM 2.6 and it seems to work, copter disarms as soon as the TX is switched off (as it should when grounded).


        • I bought a 3DRobotics APM 2.6 and it worked out of the box with a stock Turnigy 9X radio and receiver. The china clones don't always work. I have yet to find one that does out of the box. And I've had 3 and all 3 of them have different issues. 1 seems to work pretty well except for the throttle failsafe. 1 the barometric sensor doesn't work so I can't use loiter or alt hold because it goes all whacky.

    • All depends on this: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-ppm-encoder-apm2x-atmega32u...

      Mine doesn't work no matter what I do.

      Follow this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtaXna9KsS0&feature=youtu.be

      I can't get my APM 2.6 to go into DFU mode though so I gave it to a friend who knows electronics to see if he can fix it.

  • The "FS" function you mean depends of Rx. The 9x standard receiver has not "FS" function. RTL is managed for Channel 5.

    You need a receiver with function "FS" so that, in case of loss of signal, channel 5 is assigned to the value that triggers the "RTL". Previously you have to program your Rx with this value, that was assigned to channel 5 through the MP.
    To achieve this, the 9x is widely updated with this combo,


    You can also have a look at this


  • Failsafe is a loose term because there are more than one depending on the setup. The failsafe if the receiver loses connection with the transmitter is different than if the APM loses connection with the receiver. One is a failsafe on the receiver and the other is a failsafe on the APM. I'm not sure if the Turnigy 9X receiver has a failsafe feature or not. Hopefully someone who's more familiar with the Turnigy 9X can chime in, I just wanted to point out there can be more than one failsafe and are independent of each other.

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