I followed the wiki instructions exacly, but I think I have a warning if you are not bulding an ardu copter specifically!

The wikis are absolutely fantastic, but  I have been frustrated by the lack of whole actual full wiring schematics.  It really is documented very well and sraight forward in the wikis.


But I have discovered if you follow the wiki wiring  step by step, you might run into issues if you are not using the PDB as arducoptor.

I followed the wiring diagrams without thinking how much all the electronics would draw off the one esc I connected to.

I have a hoverthings 550, with 18amp tnigy esc's, and I think I forgot to take into account smaller esc's on my quad...by following the wiki I ended up with this wiring configuration.

3690922003?profile=originalThe result, one VERY HOT ESC!  This diagram is accurate except I am not running go pro, it is powered by battery for now. 

I am curious as to how others are running there wiring if anyone is running different electronics off the various escs


For example esc # 1 APM2

                      esc #2 RX

                        esc #3 DIY OSD

                         ESC #4 Go pro usb power

Secondary battery --> Video TX




Secondary battery--. APM RX XBee osd


I understand the concept of noise, and have seen the basic concept drawings, avoising ground loops etc.  But I like a good picture to actually wire the entire system together.  Can anyone help me put together a decent diagram of how to wire a quad with APM and all the bells and whistles?







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  • Here's what I recommend to those who are running as much equipment off one power supply get a separate BEC capable of powering all that stuff up, like this one:


    Most ESC have 2A BECs and with all that equipment hanging of it, they may be overloaded.

  • The only thing I would do differently is to tie together the ground wires from all ESC's.  It's the positive wire wires that you don't want to connect together.  In my opinion, they should have a common ground.

  • WILL ONE OF THE APM GURUS PLEASE help me RESOLVE THIS WIRING! Exaust and Graham you guys are doing it the way I originally had it setup! That is how every rc quad I have recieved was wired... OLD SCHOOL! 

    My situation is complicated by the blown power diode on the motor side of the APM. I have since rewired to the following configuration.


    I am getting frustrated as I get mixed stories on how to do wiring.  I have read also that you only want one power and ground going to whatever leg of electronics you are running.  i.e. only one sig /powr /ground going to motors. As I understand it this is because ground loops cause noise that can interfere with APM. I hve bench tested and none of the esc becs are getting hot now, so I think this will work, but I need some expert advice at this point.



  • T3

    I noticed you are only running the BEC from one ESC to the APM. I've read somewhere in the past that is how youre supposed to do it, but apparently it is too much draw for your ESC. I simply plug all the stock wires from my ESC's into my APM. So essentially the BEC's are all running in parallel (the power comes into the signal output ports of the APM). I have been doing this for a long time with no issues. APM 1 if it matters. My ESC's are simply all wired in parallel with wires, no PDB. 

    Ive been flying model airplanes for a long time and have seen more than one built in BEC go bad during use do to high load. If you overload that BEC it will fail. 

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