HUD Overlay Jitter Issues

I'm having issues with the HUD overlay jittering.  

The Roll Overlay on HUD in Mission Planner 1.3.33 jitters when a video overlay is put in the HUD.

Someone even has an example of this on YouTube. 

It does this both using a USB capture device with analog video directly set up in the config tuning-> Planner options as well as a HTTP stream (independent of copter, from a usb webcam stream I have running in the house already).  It does it more if you physically roll the copter left or right.  The overlay returns to normal if you stop the video stream and works flawlessly otherwise, just not with a video overlay. 

Others are also having this issue with no resolution.

Someone (not me!) even has an example up on YouTube.  

Wondering if other have experience this issue, or if perhaps there is already a workaround or solution that I'm just unaware of.  I feel like there must be given the variety of situations that this issue happens under (i.e. various video types which are independent of each other (MJPEG vs. USB Capture), or just no one uses the overlay, or everyone uses a separate monitor for FPV.  I feel this option is unfortunate for people like me, flying with a toolbox and a laptop.

Let me know, happy flying and Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating!

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