一体化手持控制台配备10英寸电容式触摸屏,运行Android 7.1,支持5.8ghz和2.4ghz的通信频率。

折叠式结构设计,节省初始云空间; 配备便携式背包,单人即可完成各种检查工作;

It can be equipped with a wide Angle camera, dual-light camera and 40X zoom camera, etc., providing services for the public security, electric power, petroleum, petrochemical and other industries in a complex environment.

Technical parameters:

Model quadrotor

The wheelbase 1060 mm

Rack weight 3.95kg

No load weight 7.25kg

The maximum load is 1kg

The maximum take-off weight is 8.25kg

Maximum no-load endurance: 110min

Maximum payload endurance of 80min

Power 800W hydrogen fuel metal battery +1020mAh lithium battery

The maximum cruising speed is 10m/s

Maximum climbing speed 2m/s

Wind resistance level 5

Hydrogen fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicle hydrogen cylinder

The special hydrogen cylinder for uav adopts toray carbon brazing full winding, with high performance and good stability. After the design of the composite material layer of the gas cylinder is completed, the simulation software is used to simulate it, so as to improve the consistency between the technology and the design.The thin wall aluminum alloy liner forming technology is adopted, and the wall thickness of the simple body is realized by the strong spinning and thinning process. LEIFFLD strong spinning and thinning machine from Germany is adopted to precisely control the thinning thickness through CNC program.

Working pressure: 35MPa

Operating temperature -40--+85℃

The blasting pressure is 70MPa

Fatigue life ≥500 times

Hydrogen fuel cell uav special pressure reducing valve

Hydrogen fuel cell uav special pressure reducing valve is developed based on the high reliability of aerospace professional technology. The product is light weight, easy to install, reliable seal, long service life, stable outlet pressure, low minimum inlet pressure, which can greatly improve the endurance of uav.

Special pressure reducing valve for uav

Rated inlet pressure: 400bar

Minimum inlet pressure of 5bar

Outlet pressure 40-70pa(optional)

Medium hydrogen

Product weight <200g

Geometric dimensions 78*77*47mm

The service life is >10000 times

Hydrogen refueling system solution

It is convenient and fast to safely inject the low-pressure hydrogen in the cylinder into the high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder to provide oxygen for the fuel cell system.

Hydrogen storage and hydrogenation equipment

Outlet pressure: 35MPa

Inlet pressure: 2MPa




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Hydrogen is produced by hydrolyzing?


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Hydrogen is produced by hydrolyzing?

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