Ok guys I am building a Diatone white sheep quad (discovery clone) I am using a pixhawk(hkpilot32) I have a flysky th9x and the frsky xjt module with x8r receiver to go with it. I have made a mount with cheap gimbal out front and plan to have a video switcher to have two cameras . Gopro and fatshark fpv. I have the fpv system all working except the switcher. so my few questions are
1. after I connect the x8r sbus to rc in on the pixhawk where do I connect the gimbal signal and ground for tilt.
2. where do I connect the video switcher.

I need some basic help on how to connect these things im just a little lost and have read so much. any help would be great. My last few parts get here friday so I plan to start working on it this weekend. I have everything setup minus the rc reciever. video switcher. so once I get wired then I need to get everything setup in mission planner. any help or advice?

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  • Hi Ben,

    On my tricopter setup using the x8r receiver - I placed the receiver in Mode 4 by placing the provided jumpers between CH1&CH2, CH3&CH4 when binding per the manual.  Receiver mode 4 maps radio channels 9-16 to conventional channel outputs (labeled CH1-CH8) on the receiver.

    Use the SBUS port into the Pixhawk.  Pixhawk will decode the lower channels for control.  Now you can use the servo outputs on the receiver to control the video switcher, gimbal,etc. using radio channels 9-16.

    That's my setup with Taranis radio.  The manual that comes with the X8R receiver explains the binding options.

    That's one method that works.  When I setup my Tricopter this was the only way.  I think now the Pixhawk software may support more passthru capability.  Probably still simpler to connect directly to the x8r receiver.

    Hopefully your radio supports channels 9 through 16 like a Taranis.  You will have to setup your radio to map channels to switches/pots on the radio.

    I hope this helps with your quest.

  • also in general connection the x8r to the pixhawk, simply sbus is all I need?

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