Smithfield, UT

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Just starting out building a drone and loving learning.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Building my first ever drone besides the small quadcopter toys. Love to film that's the main reasons and having a fun hobby to do.



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Ben Anderson replied to Tim Pritts's discussion Can I change the Pixhawk flight mode channel? in PIXHAWK
"Tim I have the same setup 9x with xjt and x8r receiver,  Did you figure out how to program 6 flight modes using the sbus from rx to pixhawk?"
Jul 23, 2015
Ben Anderson replied to Hugues's discussion How to assign a receiver channel as a pass-thru Pixhawk ? in ArduCopter User Group
"Brian I have a flysky th9x with frskh xjt module and x8r. Can you point me in the direction on how to add camera gimbal tilt and fpv camera switcher?  With the 9x can I connect the switch and gimbal into the x8r like you mention?  I'm new to this…"
Jul 22, 2015
Ben Anderson replied to Ben Anderson 's discussion I am new and need help! Pixhawk,flysky th9x, frsky x8r and xjt, video switcher, cheap gimbal tilt control HELP!
"also in general connection the x8r to the pixhawk, simply sbus is all I need?"
Jul 22, 2015
Ben Anderson posted a discussion
Ok guys I am building a Diatone white sheep quad (discovery clone) I am using a pixhawk(hkpilot32) I have a flysky th9x and the frsky xjt module with x8r receiver to go with it. I have made a mount with cheap gimbal out front and plan to have a…
Jul 22, 2015
Ben Anderson replied to Ben Anderson 's discussion Newbie needs help pixhawk,x8r receiver, ztw spider esc
" I need to know how to connect these Items Im unclear on the connection the esc to pixhawk cause alot of things i read say to remove the red wire.  Do I need power to the servo rail to run the esc? not sure how this all works.  and ill have a gimbal…"
Jul 19, 2015
Ben Anderson posted a discussion
Hey all im new here today! I am currently building my very first drone and I need some advice.  I have the pixhawk.  and im going to order a frsky xjt module and x8r receiver for my flysky th9x  1. my esc are the ztw spider 30a opto small and my…
Jul 19, 2015