I plugged my motor in on my Hawk sky and turn it on and it was working fine, but the prop was turning the wrong way. So I switched the two black leads and the motor was turning the right way, but then all of a sudden smoke came from out of the engine...What happened? Did the power lead touch one of the others?  Now when I turn the motor on, the prop twitches and then starts to smoke? Do I need to buy a new motor and a new ESC?

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  • Michael, I replied to your personnal message in this discussion because my smartphone has gone berzerkand won't let me reply directly (send button does not respond) and I don't have my PC next to me.
  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the confidence but I have already accepted to work for OpenPilot and have notre enough spare time.

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  • That is so funny, I finally got my Tx to work for the plane on Saturday and the same thing happened! But mine is not connected to an ardupilot, just regular rc setup
  • 3D Robotics
    That means a winding got burned. Your ESC is fine--you just need a new motor. They only cost $15 or so....
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