I have a BRUSHLESS Servo it can only work on 760us mode,How can the APM 2.5 suppotr it ?

Dear sir : I must use BRUSHLESS Servo in my Heli ,it is long life.


But it can only work on 760us mode,How can the APM 2.5 suppotr it ?


Can we define a new params named : Servo_Type ,,,


0 = 1520us / 250Hz ,, 1 = 1520 / 333  ,, 3 = 1520 / 125 Hz ,, 4 = 1520 / 50 Hz

5 = 760 us / 500Hz ,, 6 = 760 / 333  ,,7 = 760 us / 125 Hz ,,8 = (other)

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I looked at this situation a while ago, and if I remember right, there was no easy way to do this.  It would require quite significant changes to the way the PWM outputs were handled.  Given there are plenty of fast, powerful, affordable, and even brushless servos available that operate at 1520uS, I don't place a high priority on this work.

However, if somebody wants to tackle it and generate a pull request, we're open to it.

We switched to BLS254 with great results.

I dont see a big difference with this and a BLS251 on 760us on another system for the work the APM is supposed to do.

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