I have funny vibration on loiter, althold and Rtl. Probably pid issues. Does anyone know how to tune it?

Hi everyone, i have managed to install a pixhawk to my Trex 400 electric helicopter. It flies perfectly stable on stabilize mode however when i switch to rtl, althold or loiter it starts to vibrate in a funny way however it still flies. It can return to land by itself and hold some kind of position while vibrating in a weird way. Here is the video of the flights and behaviours that i described here. https://youtu.be/3Dt4FO4C8L0 if anyone experienced a similar situation it would be great if you can help. The p value is at 0.080 it cant go lower (unless i modify it from param list) should i lower it till it flies better? Thank you!

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You have to lower ACCEL_Z_P or what ever it is called in your firmware version.

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