Hello community, first of all I have to say that until now  I am very well surprise about the APM2 product. I really need your feedback in order to find a solution to this problem, let me tell you the problem


I power on the APM 2 from the ESC. I connect the battery to the ESC when the start up process finished all works except the brushless motor, It seem to me that the esc process start up was not completed. I was able to move all channel except channel 3.

In order to start up the motor I have to run the following process.

I power on the APM board through the esc then I connect the APM with the USB connector, run the connection process and disconnect it when I did this the esc and motor process start up is finished and the motor run without no problem.

All process was done in manual mode flight.


Thank a lot for your support

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  • Hello!

    I recommend measuring the voltage from the ESC/BEC with the APM connected. The specifications are HERE.

    There are two families of components on the APM, 5V and 3.3V logic. The USB connection supplies 5V to the Vcc buss. This buss is separated from the +5V input(ESC/BEC power).

    Good luck and let me know what you find.


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