I'm a cop and need help making a drone, as well as some info

Hello all,

I am a Deputy Sheriff in TN and I want to make a drone I can use on duty, to search for people who run. I would like to use a small FLIR cam on it. Any advice?


I also hear alot about FAA this and FAA that, my question is why and how can FAA say anything at all?

When I was a kid I use to fly R/C model aircraft and FAA did say anything. Never heard anything, what's the diffrence??


                                  Thank You,

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    • I suggest you examine the articles at www.dronelawjournal.com about the true legal position of the FAA at this point in time before you suggest an LEO is attempting to break a law that basically doesnt exist at this point.. BTW the author of those articles IS a lawyer..



      Will, dont be intimidated by those who try to sound like an authority figure about drone law here.. truth is there is NOT a lawyer among us besides besides Peter Sachs but lots of folks like to try and sound authoritative about this subject on here while knowing almost NOTHING about what both statute and caselaw say just what they think they have heard and the folks from the FAA even worse..

      flames and trolls to >/dev/null

    • Scott, When you thought about these posts before you post them as i'm sure you did were you thinking "how will this post help the forum"? All of your answers are argumentative, emotional and nonconstructive. He wasn't asking for a political conversation but he was asking for simple advice.

    • Im not looking into braking the law, Im looking for advise and a tool to help me at work. the other night I spent 3 hours in the woods looking for someone that ran on felony charges. we found him but it took a long time and resorces. If I had something like this it would have taken no time at all. as far as I figure (and im no expert) FLIR cam 6K-9K and a drone around lets say 800.00

      How are you pulling a figure of 20K??  

      • You got a lot more reading and google searches infront of you. Do us a favor this industry already has a bad rap, dont let me find you on the news.For someone protecting the PEOPLE risking there lives with an un airworthy and tested ship with capable and thought out operational standards in place. Would be doing more danger then good.

        • Thats why I came here, I need info and help. I have only been doing some homework for a few days. Im not trying to put anyone in risk or anything like that. Try and put your self in my shoes,

          • And just so everyone knows I have taken this idea up the chain of command, and my department would like to see what I can come up with.

  • Afraid thats above your pay grade...

    • And what might that be??

      • Im no legal expert, but i would imagine that a tactical change to operations and use of new equipment like this would require legal & headhoncho approval from the top of your police force. Something as delicate as this, and given the media attention about this, would mean you better ask those above as they wont appreciate initiative without their consent.

  • Moderator

    Hi Will,

    It's best one of the guys from the United States properly answers this and potentially give advice, but I will say that you're going to have an interesting time of it if you wanted to use it legally.

    There was a blog created just recently which may help or at least start the understanding process.



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