I have told so many people about the 3DR crap, now after working on them for 1& 1/2 years full time day in and day out, thinking it'll pay off I'm finding I have smashed up way more than three times the amount of gear by using that Flight controller over the Dji NAZA! And if I try get help from anyone there is no back up support other than this dodgy site that nobody ever replies to or helps from 3DR. Where's their support? I have paid enough cash to 3DR that they should at least have some support! This is the first bad thing I've ever said about them and their crap but I'm sick of the faulty boards. Plugs for GPS wear out compass issues and plugs wear out, by the time I'm done with a build through all the testing without support the gear has been replaced three times over and then still won't function normally. Yeah great software, I'm sure there's people that have some that work but God knows where. And if any are interested in helping a dedicated electronics worker! Nothing. Not even replies for problems posted. So over it. Spent the last three months every day to get a H quad working, a simple H quad! But the hardware only likes X configuration and does weird sh%# when it's not. Anyone out the in 3DR land going to come to the Gold Coast and do some support? It's not like we want the help for free, and thousands spent on your gear where's the support? Just make up a forum and pass the buck., where's someone from 3DR???????????

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  • Thank you Vu, I was having a bad day sorry if I vented in the wrong space. I still have trouble analysing the diagnostics information but I did notice a few people had similar issues. I'll get onto it and find the ticket logging your talking about. I will be bury over the next couple of days working on some other drones, and doing some art work but as soon as I am back to work on my project I'll do that. Many thanks for the support from everyone, I was getting frustrated writing posts in forums and getting no replies. I kind of reply to myself lol, when I figure any problem in case anyone finds it and had similar issues. Well thanks again and I will be starting work again on the projects next week Monday latest and if I get stuck finding the correct way to post info to get help I will message you. Thanks.
  • 3D Robotics

    HI Michael,

    We'll be glad to help.  Did you log a problem ticket with us?  I tried searching our system for your name but was not able to find any tickets.  Can you open up a support ticket to help@3dr.com, include your latest set of logs that shows the issues you're having, and also copy me, vu@3dr.com, so that I can make sure you get the proper attention you deserve?

  • I hope you aren't missing what I just said, was just saying I was just having a tough day the other day, it's been a long arduous process for me and I just said there's been a lot of unusual problems which seem to have been only with the gear I was using. Like I said I will keep at it and go back to 3dr get some brand new stuff and see if there is something that. New batch might solve. Because like I said I have had others look at the results come out of my firmware uploads and end up scratching heads like, u know, just something not loading right and perhaps it's a conflict with the gps compass modules as well. So no naza isn't my solution. I was just having a bit of a moment but in all honesty I've got good reasons for it. But 3dr software is what I wish to be running and I know a lot of people are getting success and at the moment it seems to be eluding the configurations I'm trying to run. I'll keep at it, and I will post details of the builds and hope for input. I'm fully dedicated to making this system work I have very specific goals but until I get the equipment consistently loading firmware getting gps/compass working correctly, it's painful. But I'm a believer in keeping at it. Thanks for the support I'll see how the new lot works out.
    • Totally understood. Nearly all of use have been there. If things just get too frustrating then try posting as much info as possible and you may get some good help. Also, there are some decent clones out there so you can always try that route and save $$ if you are getting a second set of FC and GPS. If you have actually purchased 3DR gear as a set, then you should have more expectation that it will all connect properly etc. Good luck.

      • Just read some of your topics Marc, very cool stuff, I'm obviously missing a lot in this forum, it'd be good to get to know some people a bit, and share their ideas.
      • Thanks for the luck. I actually am beginning to think I've mixed too many up and tried using external compass with the older one which had the internal, and so on. Some bought as a set but some clones, then I've bought extra GPS/compasses to try solve if there's a fault with any I used in the system that could be causing the unusual flight characteristics, and some have been just total,grr- not even a forward position marked and with all types of wiring config's some with one set out back, some compass out the Side GPS other side yet no forward marking. I'D like to think there's good clones out there but I'm going fresh start,first the new mini APM then, 3dr APM full set again, would like to try pix but I think for now I'd like to get handle on these problems with my APMs, then I can get to the bottom of if there's been mixture of faults in some APMs and non compatible GPS. Go from there. I think my understanding of the software is reasonable enough now that if that doesn't work I'll start uploading full details and try for help in the forum. I need this to work now, I have a lot of parties interested in making use of the FC and software together with how I've got joysticks and long range capable gear working it's just the flight dynamics that are keeping things progressing. You know, I am trying to run the H for the racers and Vtail for long range fixed wing and so far until I get these at least in good reliable flying condition with full failsafes I won't even bother trying any other frame types yet, I've seen my mates build many X quad, X hex and standard tail fixed wings and they seem to work as expected and we struggled at first setting up the Vtails for me but now the params for them are set. Yep, just keep at it. Anyway I'm just having a restless night leave you to it. Peace bro.
        • I would start afresh from the APM wiki if you are using APM 2.6 or APM 2.5. Greg Covey has an excellent thread on the Mini APM on RCGroups. Check it out. Some early boards had an internal compass and now most do not. Compass issues are the most frustrating ones for a lot of people to get right. Use a smartphone compass App to get an approximate bearing and then you can usually figure out the correct orientation option in Mission Planner. As long as your HUD is actually moving consistently then your connection is likely fine - it is just a matter of orientation.

          Good luck again.

  • Well Michael if you want help from the community then start asking for it. It is fine to have a rambling rant. It can be therapeutic but no-one can help. I would try another posting. Have pictures of your build. List precise details of what you are using in your build. List your problems in as much detail as you can. Attach logs if relevant.

    You would be amazed at how much help may be forthcoming.

    I cannot speak for 3DR's support. The community around Arducopter is where the real value lies, and if you have not figured that out yet you are missing a piece of the picture. If your 3DR equipment is faulty, they generally replace it, I believe.

    Despite your unhappiness there are legions of successful users of Arducopter. It is not for everyone though. Naza may be better for you. There is less to go wrong and it is easier to set up by a long way. DJI support when things wrong is also not legendary. 

  • still problem solving, bad day the other day, I sure hope I can get this gear working after the time and effort. Just thinking of starting over fresh batch of 3DR FC and GPS compass units, if that won't work then it's maybe my computer, lol. Gotta be something hey, I've been over it with my mate who sets up APMs on X configus quads and he can't figure why every time he try's to play with my gear it does weird shit, I'm like I know right something's not right here! You know, when you've been through all the reloading of firmware a and each time getting slightly different results then saving those Paramus, comparing with next firmware loading and its a different problem, go back reload previous firmware and sometimes it continues to have the same problem other times it goes back to the original problem that related to that firmware loading. I dunno. Crazy! Just when you invest so much and you know it's a glitch but just can't isolate where it's coming from. Like I said going to try a new APM mini I got here, see what happens and if that fails I'll go back to the APM.2.6 whatever were up to now, and hopefully get somewher. If not it's gotta be some human flaw in my understanding of some program system I'm unaware of setting proper parameters for.
  • Best to include details about your build - frame, motors, esc, APM or Pixhawk (clone or 3DR), etc. - to help the experts give feedback otherwise this is just a vent and will go nowhere.

    I've not built an H-frame and to be honest won't, I know X and stick with it.

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