I own the AMP 2.6.

1) I cannot get the Emax EMCs to even acknowledge the battery unless single loaded in the receiver...

2) I can't get the Sky Fly ts6 to move the Emax motors with the throttle under any attempt thus far.

I have been at this since my Birthday---March 22. This has become a frustration beyond as my sons watch me in awe... Please someone take the time out to walk me through this. I have watched the YouTube videos with all the foriegn accents and still require assistance. We want to fly!

Is it the radio software in the Flysky? This kit came with no instructions whatsoever! Please help me.


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  • The FlySky is throttle to the left or #2. I have no luck with FlySky either.
  • Thats the whole problem: I don't know nor have I any idea on how. It I could, I would send u pics of each part. I'm trying to avoid moving aanything from default but it's not as easily done in the blind as I am.
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    How does the kit expect to be armed? Is it down and right like standard APM builds? Is the transmitter throttle on the left or right?

    What is the exact name of what you are trying to fly.

    My primary advice would be don't change too much its likely to be something simple.

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