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UrbanTech left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Can anyone direct me to a stable 2,8 250 x quad platform?"
Mar 13, 2019
UrbanTech posted a discussion
could someone please aid me in the direction of a stable platform for my 2.8 apm 250 quad? I crashed former computer and all data was lost. I've tried pulling up the old files from quad and the system crashed. This is pretty urgent considering I…
Mar 12, 2019
UrbanTech replied to xoltri's discussion Pixhawk causing motor sync issues.
"...WTF? I still haven't heard back regarding my issue. I understand being busy as I am also a business, but if I can't get tech support then I have wasted my money...
Whats so hard about a simple reply if you know the answer?
Q: Why do I get a busy…"
Jan 15, 2017
UrbanTech posted a discussion
I have done it all! ...but sync my ESCs. I've attempted many times to sync as illustrated via youtube videos with no avail. Can anyone please assist?Is it the platform? it has flown before but after the motor upgrade it won't take flight. They say…
Jan 8, 2017
UrbanTech posted discussions
Dec 10, 2016
UrbanTech posted a discussion
I ordered a set of Emax Simon Series 12a ESCs one went out.I ordered a set of Mystery SimonK 12a ESCs and one went out.I ordered them in sets of 4 and now only have three apiece. Needeless to say I have a 250 quad...My question is:can I mix ESCs?If…
May 11, 2015
UrbanTech posted a discussion
Can anyone please help me get my f250 up. It hasAPM 2.6Emax 12A EMCsEmax motors that originally came with Mystery Simon k5300 mah batteryI cannot get it to trigger the throttle nor read EMCs.I'm at my wits end because it came with no instruction nor…
May 1, 2015
UrbanTech replied to UrbanTech's discussion I own the AMP 2.6.
"The FlySky is throttle to the left or #2. I have no luck with FlySky either."
Apr 29, 2015
UrbanTech replied to UrbanTech's discussion I own the AMP 2.6.
"Thats the whole problem: I don't know nor have I any idea on how. It I could, I would send u pics of each part. I'm trying to avoid moving aanything from default but it's not as easily done in the blind as I am."
Apr 29, 2015
UrbanTech posted a discussion
1) I cannot get the Emax EMCs to even acknowledge the battery unless single loaded in the receiver...2) I can't get the Sky Fly ts6 to move the Emax motors with the throttle under any attempt thus far.I have been at this since my Birthday---March…
Apr 28, 2015