Hi, currently for my Final Year Project, i am using the Pixhawk control board for my quadcopter.
I am trying to get the PX4 Flow sensor to communicate with the pixhawk control board, when i connect it directly via the I2C port, i am able to log in data from the optical flow sensor, however when i connect it via the I2C Splitter port (Connecting the GPS + Compass module into the I2C Splitter port as well), i am unable to log any data. 

Control Board: Pixhawk
Sensor: PX4 Flow
Arducopter Firmware: 3.3 BETA (Only firmware that is supportive of PX4 Flow sensor)

Would like to see does anyone encounter such problem before and how do i go about to get the control board to take in all data via the 5 different ports of the I2C Splitter.

Would appreciate any kind soul assistance. Thank You

File name: 

2015-05-20 16-13-21 111.bin (PX4 Direct connected to Pixhawk)

2015-05-20 17-22-54 113.bin (PX4 Connected via I2C splitter)

You can open the file via mission planner data flash log. As you can see, when i connect the flow sensor via I2C splitter, pixhawk does not draw in any data with regards to the flow sensor

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