I ordered this system and received it today. Super easy installation, but couldn't get me camera to work. I also have a GoPro adapter cable, so I tried it and the video worked. After some troubleshooting, it seems the cable in the kit had the 5V and Video wires swapped. I'm afraid the camera is toast. 

Be sure to check your cable before turning on. Not sure if I just got a bad one or if there were batches made this way, just wanted to pass this along...

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Me im burn my ap

There are more out there!  Same thing happened to me with kit ordered in July. When plugged in I got data in OSD in MP but no video and noticed camera and OSD board were heating.  3DR sent new camera after I confirmed there was no data output from camera by connecting same directly to a monitor. The camera plug connections isn't marked but inspection of the black video cable that came with "new" camera vs the twisted OSD one supplied with kit from 3DR showed the reversed wiring-which fried my original camera.  3DR sent correct twisted wire after I notified them. Their store now lists both cables.

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