Im writing a book about drones so I can dispell the *fear* from a public and gov that knows nothing about it

Iv covered history, i want to cover safety, what its capable of (good and bad), ramifications, ect... if there is something you feel is important and may be catagorized in this id love for someone to speak up about it, credit will be given and any helpful tips is welcome. fair flying friends!

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Good. We need such a book out there.

One of the arguments for hobby drones is a twist on that for gun carry. "When drones are outlawed, only governments will have drones." The argument is that, like guns, drones are here to stay. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Furthermore, 99.9% of privately owned drones are not used for spying, but for either hobby or business purposes. This comes back to the gun scenario. You don't want to punish all who properly use a technology, for the illegal activities of a tiny handful, who use that technology for other than legitimate purpose.

Besides, some drones now look like mosquitoes. Others are completely autonomous, emitting no radio waves. As with guns, there is no way that the government can find and confiscate all drones and like guns, the ones that they will never find are the ones that are being misused, anyway. The answer isn't to ban or over-regulate drones. It's to increase the punishment for that tiny few, who misuse drones. Well, not so tiny, since the government comprises most of those who misuse drones.

It should not be illegal for a drone to fly over public property or with permission, over private property, unless that drone is carrying weapons or devices capable of seeing through walls. In fact, every branch of government should have to get a warrant to use a drone for other than general traffic or crowd monitoring, just as is required to place a tap on a phone line.

Like with guns, it's not the drones that are the problem, but rather only a very tiny handful of people who would find a way to misuse any technology; drones, guns or otherwise. The problem is people and specifically people in government, not the technology that they choose use.

BTW, I have several books in print on a variety of subjects, so if I can be of help getting your book to market, let me know.

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