Porter, TX

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Semi-retired insane genius… mostly insane. Background in IT, marketing and business.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Have only flown RTF quads. I am now building my first copter from the ground, up. It will be a Tarot Ironman 1000 (octo) frame, with an Arducopter controller, GPS, telemetry and a camera/gimbal. I'll use it largely for capturing nature imagery. I'm going octo and ACM in order to achieve maximum failure recovery possibility, since there may be times when I'll fly over water.


Corpus Christi, TX

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John Gaver replied to Emery c. Chandler's discussion Im writing a book about drones so I can dispell the *fear* from a public and gov that knows nothing about it
"Good. We need such a book out there.
One of the arguments for hobby drones is a twist on that for gun carry. "When drones are outlawed, only governments will have drones." The argument is that, like guns, drones are here to stay. You can't put the…"
Jul 7, 2013
John Gaver posted a discussion
Do I need a BEC or UBEC on my APM-controlled octocopter, if I plan to use a 6S battery? I'm putting an APM2.5 into a Tarot IronMan 1000, for carrying larger cameras and gimbals and I understand that I'll need the 6S to handle the weight of the…
Jul 7, 2013