Immersion Vortex 285mm, DJI Flame Wheel Frame DIY Quad for sale

Whats up guys.  So i have up for grabs a ton of stuff that i don't have the time for anymore.  I truly enjoyed tinkering and building drones, after starting a family however, time is something that is hard to come by now, therefore all of it must go. So the items are an Immersion Vortex 285mm FPV racing quad.  That one comes with an assortment of stuff listed below.  It does come with the FPV camera but the camera is not plugged in, and to be honest i am not quite sure if the camera works.  The drone definitely flies.  The other item is a DJI flame wheel frame DIY quad.  As you can see it does not have a landing gear.  It does come with a Pixhawk clone flight controller  I have also listed below what it comes with.  I am asking for $150 for the Vortex and $250 for the almost fully assembled flamewheel quad.  All it needs is the landing skids, a battery and the GPS which can be bought for $12 on ebay.  You can have all of it for $300.  Shipping costs are included.  Let me know what ya'll think.  I can send additional pictures if you need them. PM me and you're interested.  Thanks.

Immersion Vortex FPV racing drone

  • Racing Quad
  • 2 x propellers
  • 2 x 3C LiPo batteries
  • Replacement parts for the frame

DJI Flamewheel Quad

  • DJI flamewheel frame
  • Pixhawk Clone autopilot
  • 4 x Motors plus one motor still in its package
  • 4 x ESC (electronic speed controllers) plus one still in its package
  • 4 carbon fiber rotors 
  • 2 plastic rotors
  • Landing gear skids

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