IMU alternative connection to ardupilot?


Is there another way of connecting the IMU to ardupilot other than using the same pins as the FTDI cable?

I don't want to have to disconnect the IMU every time I reprogram the ardupilot.


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    I have ArduIMU +5v power wires going to ArduPilot Bat +, - pins (+5v power is available when servo power option is shorted, from servo + bus, I use a 3 amp BEC plugged into CH4 ) that are bent outward 30° and don't connect up to shield, I was powering FMA-IR sensor from these pins before IMU was released, I unplug data lines only from FTDI connector. Xbee is also powered from FTDI connection so it is disconnected during programming / serial monitor access.
  • You have to unplug it. Otherwise when you program the ardupilot, ... well it just won't work. The Tx from the FTDI will be conneced to the Tx on the IMU. Two Tx,s together won't work. Tx's are high(Vcc) when idle. When the other one transmits, it pulls the line low. Like shorting a battery except the chip designers put in shot protection. If the line is always at Vcc then no data. You would need a switch and solder your own connector. Go to DIY store and get the schematics for the shield or Spakfun for pilot. My be easier to unplug, unless your willing to learn. I know because I've done this already .
  • If you have a lead for the normal GPS port and don't mind hacking it you could attach there, alternatively the serial pins also look to be available next to the GPS header 'round the corner' from the FTDI header.
    Provided your IMU is not powered up you should (in theory, test this carefully) be able to program AP without disconnecting the IMU from the AP board.

  • Dont know if this helps, i have done it the other way around, but i soldered some wires to the back of the AP (where the pins are soldered), to reflect the FTDI port, that way i didnt have to keep pluggin and unplugging...just marked the black wire so i know which way the FTDI is connected

    IT makes debugging much easier..and less time consuming...

    BUT!...disconnect the IMU TX wire from the AP when uploading code or it will ignore the DATA from your FTDI


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