Mike ok I apologist and  I might have been wrong to assume it didn't get out of Malaysia which in most case lots of news doesn't, but it still doesn't warrant a reply "It is the mission of DIY Drones to only promote the positive side of hobby drones" to my blog was the reason given to reject it and which was a bit of a shock to me as a reply to what seems to me a very serious issue and something that is very much related to our hobby.  You think my  reply was so bad you want my account to be suspended!!? What is wrong with you!! Right or wrong on some of the comments I made this is still a serious safety issue being highlighted!! And I yes do think it was a stupid reply "It is the mission of DIY Drones to only promote the positive side of hobby drones" for a topic that resulted in a death of a child.

Post Blog Rejected: RC Helicopter Kills Toddler in Malaysia

Hi John,

It is the mission of DIY Drones to only promote the positive side of hobby drones so, unfortunately, your blog post will not be approved. This unfortunate incident has already received sufficient exposure on other web sites.




Thomas sorry but I think you miss the point here. Firstly this happened yesterday about 30min drive from where I live so how can it be so fast it is now everywhere else on the other web sites? Stuff that happens in Malaysia just doesn't travel out that fast mate!

Its nice to post the positive side of DIY RC models but people also need to be made aware of the possible dangers of them as well. May be if you post this on DIY Drones it could help prevent a similar type of incident which was the reason I posted it.

Now how are you going to feel if someone else child get killed and it might have been avoided if you when and posted this article?

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    Hi John,

    As Mike pointed out, this wasn't the first time it was submitted as a blog post.  I think I personally saw 3 or 4 submissions on this article (which weren't approved).  It was also highlighted on the UAV news from sUAS News in full.  All these happened in the last 24-30 hours.

    Not that I was the moderator that declined it, but it just didn't relate to UAVs/Drones - just like we don't post when a plane/car injures people.  You may recall that an out of control DRONE (in Brasil) was reported here, as it did relate directly to what we are about.

    You have to keep in mind that we receive MANY blog posts and we try to keep them relevant to what we're about.

    It was a very unfortunate accident of course and in no way should the dangers of drones (aerial or land based) be hidden.  These things aren't toys.

    Happy to discuss this further via PM if you wish.


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    John: three points
    1) I did see this story, on mainstream media, your assertion that stories like this do not get out of Malaysia that quickly is patently false.
    2) this is not a diydrones-related blog entry. It is about the dangers of RC helicopters.
    3) calling any member (moderator, member, non-member third party) "stupid" as you have is a personal attack and is uncivil, a violation of two of our communities most important published rules.

    I will personally ask that your account is suspended for such behavior. I hope that you will understand the gravity of these violations which you have committed. As you can see, I am not a moderator, and I have no interest in defending anyone. I want the rules of the community enforced evenly, and your personal attack against a member of the community is unacceptable.
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