Input's output's powering the board problem

I want to power the board by the esc's bec's so i placed the JP1 jumper acourding to manual. But this seamse to make no difference,


With or without JP1: output connected to a esc bec the board does not power up.
With or without JP1: input connected to a esc bec the board powers up. 

I am using the latest versions to date any ideas?


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  • That's what I need to do to get my APM2 to boot remove SD card. The reset button does not work for me still hangs.

    What lights are you getting? Are you getting a green power light? If you get the green light it's a boot problem if you get no light with power attached and the jumper is in, it must be something else.

    Look at my page for pic of my hook-up. My understanding the SD card is used for logging and future expatiation. All set-up variables are maintained without the SD card.I have logged 8 flights now with no SD card.

  • I seem to have this problem as well, except my APM2 hangs at boot (blue led solid instead of rapid flasing red+blue) with the SD card in place. remove the SD card makes the board boots just fine

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    If you press the reset button after it's powered up, you should be fine. The dev team is working on a fix, which will be in the next version of the code. 

  • I have been having problems as well with the APM2. Try to remove the SD card and put the jumper in. Power from one of the ESC only. This is what i need to do to get mine to boot.

  • I have the same problem.  Ending up I have power cable going to both the input and output, even with JP1 connected.

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